E waste Johannesburg, legitimate IT asset disposal

E waste Johannesburg is a legal IT asset disposal.  What that means is any server or device with information is wiped clean.  Plus, our approach is transparent.  So whatever we say we delete is gone for good.

Because of an increase demand for technology upgrades.  We are all exposed to new devices.  Like laptops, cell phones, and gaming consoles.  But, what happens to that old stuff?

It either becomes and hand me down, or put in a cupboard.  Worst case scenario tossed in a dustbin.  Option 2 and 3 are no good to anyone.

Dis-guarding technology in an irresponsible way is harmful to the air we breathe.  It is also harmful to our water.  Eventually, the components that are in them like, lead and mercury, and arsenic seep out.

Unlike landfills, recycling plants like ourselves stop this from happening.

E waste Johannesburg
Electronic scrap yard Johannesburg

The recycling process E waste Johannesburg

The recycling process at E waste Johannesburg.  Just like a scrap metal yard we pretty much work in the same manner.  On receiving cellphones, printers, fax machines, copier machines, and so on.  The items are sort through to determine which is what.  Manual sorting could mean pulling apart devices.  Along with separating circuit boards from batteries.  Alternatively, removing glass parts from metal parts.  Everything is parted for the next process.

An important part is to remove any hazards, like batteries or parts with chemicals.  The process then begins of machines to shred up and further separate particles.

After that, plastics are sent to plastic companies.  Metals are sent to metal companies.

Information protection

At E waste Johannesburg we take your information protection seriously.  We understand data can be hacked.  And so, we destroy data for your protection.  With the new regulations in place, this is vital.

We are transparent about how we demolish anything that may hold data.  Ask for a certificate of proof.

We guarantee all processes like recycling are above board.  Our company is part of IWMSA.  Professional waste management is vital to the environment.

Lastly, E waste Johannesburg is the best e-scrap handler of electronic goods.  Talk to our agents now for more information.

E waste Johannesburg
Electronic scrap yard Johannesburg

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